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Network Game Problems - UK & Dubai

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Hi All - a friend and I have been trying to set up a network game. I'm based in UK, he is in Dubai, UAE. We cant seem to find the game that we have both tried setting up.

Is there a server/VPN/Domain blocking network games with players in different countries? Or another issue that is potentially fixable?



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19 minutes ago, LANGHAJ said:

We've tried inviting via Steam to the game. And i've tried searching manually for his game in game.


Both not showing an invite or the game created.

So do both of you have the game on Steam? Or does one of you have the game on Xbox Gamepass or Stadia?

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Sounds silly but have you tried starting it again? My mate and I had the same problem, if one of our connection goes we have to shut down steam and restart, same when we load up too

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