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Creating European continental competition in advanced rules


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Hoping someone can help!


Looking to set up three new continental competitions to replace the Champions League and Europa Leagues.

Basically, it's an old school format, as follows:

European Cup - winners of each European League (54 countries) 54 TEAMS

European Cup Winners Cup - winner of each European countries main competition with Liechenstein not included, (54 countries) 54 TEAMS

UEFA Cup - 2nd and 3rd place finishers in each European League (54 countries)  108 TEAMS


Format of each European competition will be straight knock-out over 2 legs, (home and away), with the final over just 1 leg in a neutral venue. Teams not seeded so that teams from random countries get byes in the first round of each competition.


I can get competitions verified in European Leagues and they are used in the game. However, it is using the wrong teams in each competition:

With the original settings I used in the editor, the game just picked either one or two teams from the top listed teams from the teams tab under continent in continent advanced rules on the editor to enter the first round, (meaning no clubs from the bottom 10 listed countries entered the competition). Some teams that got knocked out in the first round still entered the second round, together with random teams from some other countries within the top listed teams. No teams from the ten bottom listed teams entered the competitions in the second round,.

 I then altered settings on the editor under stages 0 and 1, (first and second rounds), of each competition, using round adjustments option, (adding the required number of teams to start in the second round, (10 teams in the European and European Cup Winners Cup, 20 teams in the UEFA Cup), Chose the "teams to start in this round" drop-down tab, Idea being that 10 teams to be given byes in the European Cup and Cup Winners Cup, 20 teams to be given a bye in the UEFA Cup).

I've also added teams to the team pool for each European competition under stage 0, (choosing "get qualified teams for Comp" under type drop-down menu and then choosing the relevant European competition.

Also chosen "get random teams from team pool" under teams tab of stage 0 of each competition


Will this mean that the game will get the correct teams to qualify for each European competiton? If so, how would I alter the settings under stage 1 on the editor for each European competition, so that the game picks the teams given byes to enter the competition in round 2, alongside the round 1 winners?


I was playing around with the teams option and finding the previous season's Premier League winners, second and third placed teams as well as the FA Cup runners-up, (as Man City won both the Premier League and FA CUp last season), were all entering all three European competitions!!


Anyway, hoping someone can help with this problem!





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To expand, I have tested in gthe game after making the adjustments to the team pool , etc options in the editor.

It has generated correct teams in the first round of each competition now, (with Man Cuty given a bye in the European Cup and Liverpool given a bye in the UEFA Cup). I have played through the first round of the UEFA Cup in the game, (the extra round is timetabled at an earlier point in the calendar year in this cometition, due to there being an extra round).  However, Liverpool still haven;t entered the competition on the second round, and some clubs thagt were knocked out in the first round have been kept in the second round,

In stage 1 on the editor, under "teams" option, I chose "get qualified teams for comp", using UEFA Cup under competition tab. Therefore, I can see why it has generated random teams to make up the 20 clubs that join the competition in the second round, (even if they played anf got beaten in the first round). However, I don;t know how I would get the 20 teams that qualified for the UEFA Cup but didn;t enter it in the first round, to be given an entry at the second round stage. Does anyone know how you would do this please?

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