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Been playing FM a long time now and its very rare that i find some who passes what my scouts say they can achieve, i've probably had about 6-7 over the last 10 years of FM, i just want to share this as its so rare, i'm looking at selling one of my stars, but i want to show you what he became. I signed this CAM in my first season with Barnsley on a free transfer, he showed a 3.5* potential in the Championship and wasn't good enough for the first team, but for free i wasn't going to turn him down. hes now a club icon. anyone who's been through the same please share you're players, Check this out:


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Because scouts are not perfect (nor they should be, as RL ones aren't perfect as well and sometimes make epic mistakes). So a player can surpass what the scout think his potential limit is. What a player can't surpass is the actual, set-in-stone PA set in each database.

That's a fantastic finding, tho. You did well in not giving him up and that's very rewarding in an FM save.

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