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Manager Coaching Attributes Over 20?

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Hi, apologies if this is common on this year's game, but its the first time I've come across it. My manager attributes have increased gradually over time as expected, in appropriate areas, based on my management, however it is the first time that I have seen any coaching attribute above 20, which I would have assumed is the limit as per playing attributes and attributes of all other coaches in the game. It seems my Working With Youngsters is now at 23? 

I was just wondering if this was a form of bug or it is possible that human managers' attributes can go above and beyond what the AI is capable of in-game in terms of coaching? 

Also thought I'd point out before it's raised that the in-game editor usage is disabled from my game and I also don't own it. Thanks. 


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Would also like to point out that this save game was started a week or two after full release, just in case this is an issue with any updates installed from release until now?

Browsed forum posts and still not come across anything similar.

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