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I'm in a save with Benfica. Things are going well. My goal is to develop a club DNA with an offensive game of possession and control.
I try to develop the players I already have in the squad. But in fact, I feel that I lack a suitable GK.
I will post screenshots of my GKs so that they can give Your opinion on whether any are worth it. OK? I have not liked the main one that has been odysseas.

zlobin is on loan.
Do you think I can develop any of these Gk?


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Andrada looks pretty good - can't say I've used him before. Martinez is clearly promising, but not sure he's ready to compete.

Personally, I would be looking to do something like this; 

  • Find an older (30+) GK with a good personality (Model Citizen/Professional, Resolute etc) who can step in as your short term No.1.
  • Put them in a mentoring group with Svilar and Martinez.
  • Aim to give Svilar 20+ league games for a couple of years. Martinez can gain experience with Benfica B?
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