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What is the most goals one of your players has scored in a season?

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As per the title, I’m curious to see what your record is for a season (league only). I got an offer to join Barca after 3 seasons and I took it on (boring I know). My first signing was Mbappe. He just scored 45 goals in 38 games. His record is as per below:

1st season - 37 games, 39 goals

2nd season - 37 games, 35 goals

3rd season - 37 games, 35 goals 

4th season - 33 games, 35 goals 

5th season - 36 games, 20 goals 

6th season - 38 games, 25 goals 

7th season - 31 games, 27 goals 

8th season - 38 games, 45 goals 

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The most I've had in this current game is 49 in total by Johan ter Horst. It was in the VNS or the VNL I think.


Still, it might be beaten this season in League One. My best striker have 27 so far, and I'm only in December.

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My record in FM20 is a pretty modest 34 goals in 35 games by austrian newgen striker Ferdinand Fels. That's after 15 seasons managing Everton. I feel confident that one of my two current strikers will eventually beat it and possibly reach 40 goals as well, they're both young and are looking more promising than Fels did.

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4 hours ago, kccircle said:

Had Mbappe score 79 in the first season for PSG, He was injured for the last 8 games too


He was on penalties and free kicks all season. 

79 goals? Damn. In all comps? How many goals in the league?

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Best I've ever seen on ANY FM was a Brazilian named Bill, it was on FM19, Season 2031/32 and I splashed out my entire 15 million transfer budget on this 17 year old, I don't have the save game anymore to give you full season stats, He'd win EVERY possible season award (Young POS, PO5, Golden boot, World footballer of the year etc.) season after season.

I did manage to find this 1 screenshot  of his stats 18 games into his first season. 

BILL playing stats screen.bmp

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I can't remember on what version of FM it was but Pato had 2 seasons like Messi IRL scoring like over 80 goals in all compatitions. Then next season he stopped scoring that much but Aguero took over.

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50 goals in one season?! Damn, that’s impressive. Yeah funnily enough, Mbappe in mine is not a legend either despite those numbers I posted at the start of the thread. In my latest season he scored 39 in 34 league games, just getting better with age (he’s 33 now). 

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Bishop's Stortford in the Southern League Premier Division on FM18...

2017/8 - Christian Owusu 37 in 42 league games
2018/9 - Christian Owusu 49 in 46 league games
2019/20 - Jason Williams 34 in 40 league games
2020/1 - Jason Williams 45 in 44 league games.

We finally won promotion in 2020/1 having scored at least 100 league goals every season.

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My absolute record in all of FM happened in FM13, where I had a newgen score 88 goals in 58 games while managing Manchester United.

In my current save, in which I'm managing in Andorra, my main striker got 45 goals in 23 league games (he actually got the Golden Shoe!) and 67 in 42 games overall (broke the Champions League goalscoring record, with 20).

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