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Contracts auto-negotiated???

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Hi, I started a new file with a lesser club which had some unsigned players autofill in the depth chart (A few main squad/U23/etc).

I Opted to offer a contract to several of these, and it doesn't let me negotiate them, despite having the staff responsibility to do so under my own control. Worse yet, it's giving random scrubs ridiculous clauses for at Vanarama N/S I would never give out.

I would never grant an array of 4-5 different fees as part of a contract to any player at that caliber (50 pound unused sub fees for a tier 7/8 caliber player signed for depth???). The game is just randomizing the contracts with these players, and giving me no capacity to handle it.

If I recall correctly, previously it would simply grant a base salary of one year and leave it at that for youth signings and otherwise I would negotiate with these players. These are supposedly for actual pro contracts and the game is willy nilly automatically forcing contracts with a generic "Offer Contract" decision I would never agree to and won't let me negotiate the offer at all? Can anyone cue me in if I'm missing something? 

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