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Hello guys, I've purchased FMM20 yesterday and this is my first time playing this game. So, I'd be happy if you guys can help me out.

My mobile screen looks little weird and different from what everyone has posted. (Kindly check below).If anyone is using this match engine, can you help me how to set training sessions? or it is not possible in my mobile?

Can anyone share the link for Tactics thread and Player role description thread?



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Hi, what device are you on? Smaller resolutions can be slightly different in layout. If you select [Club] you should be able to elect the tactics screen. In regards to training you don't necessarily set training sessions but can adapt attributes and roles players focus on in training

Great choice of team to start with by the way :) 

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  • SI Staff

Training in Football Manager mobile is fairly simple and (somewhat intuitive hopefully) ... you select the role you want to train a player in and he does so ... this will affect the attributes which are 'associated' with that position more than others (so bias him towards being good in that role).

In addition to this you can select a single attribute as a 'focus' attribute to ensure he trains hard on that area (useful especially for young players where you might want to improve them in a physical area).

If you switch the attribute profile highlight to show the trained attributes on player profiles then that helps ensure you get this side of things right.

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