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Scouting knowledge map display


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I really dislike how the map shows the regional scouting knowledge level when you have no scouting knowledge in a country - mainly because this is not how the player search menu will deliver your results. Like in the example below, just because there is knowledge of Hungary, when I look for players, it won't spit out 3 % of every other Eastern European country's players along - hence I still have NO knowledge in these countries, but the map tells me otherwise. By simply showing that you have the appriopriate colour of knowledge in the countries where you actually have it will already deliver all the information you need. It will also be visually still very much comprehensible - in this instance, you would have one green spot in Eastern Europe, hence you will get about 1 green area / 30 dark areas worth of players in your player search menu.

It's a neat bar on the left to indicate your general knowledge in the World, and helps you roughly assess your general scouting knowledge levels, but has no other gameplay relevance and is highly confusing to add it on the map.

One other reason why this is especially infuriating: when you are in a more advanced state and trying to plug holes in your knowledge - specifically hiring scouts with national knowledge still missing, or trying to find affiliate clubs in such countries - it gets really annoying to identify these missing countries, as the scouting knowledge by countries menu on the right is also filling up rapidly and hard to get a clear grasp on. The map would be a great way to quickly assess this situation as well. Now if you are trying to find those two or three elusive countries in a region which you still need, it takes ages to figure them out.

I believe this could be very easily fixed and provide a great deal of improvement - I also wonder what consideration led to the introduction of this feature in the first place.

But big plus point for finally being able to zoom in on various areas of the map!


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