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Adding extra rounds to cups (in advanced rules)


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So I'm wanting to add back in the Conference League Cup. It's marked as extinct in the editor. However in advanced rules it has lots of messy looking multiple stages so i've left it marked as extinct and am starting over.

I've duplicated another cup competition, renamed it the 'National Conference League Cup' and will use that as my base to re-create the Conference League Cup.

All going well except that I need to add in an extra round due to the 3 conferences having a total of 68 teams. (I need a small preliminary round of 8 teams first to reduce that to 4 teams, to then add to the other 60 teams in round 1 proper) But I can't for the life of me work out how to add in an extra round. The competition I duplicated already has 6 rounds, but I need 7. How do I add in the extra round?

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