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Potential FM21 Feature - Agents


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One feature that would really add to the transfer dynamics in FM would be more interaction with agents. At the moment we are limited to seeing their clients and establishing a relationship but in world football they have a significant impact on all aspects of football. With the new version, the ability for agents to drive transfers and rumours in the media will be more prominent and players will have the ability to change agencies throughout their career. Having a good relationship with agencies will also help to broaden your scouting knowledge as agents of players in your team may recommend their clients from other leagues and countries. A bad reputation with an agent will make it increasingly difficult to manage certain players as agents will be more likely to leak information to other teammates or the media therefore it will be imperative to not only keep players and staff happy but also agents. Your managers should also be able to sign for agencies as this is common in professional football. This will especially be important for journeyman saves as you will need a good agent to be able to get interviews and contracts at available clubs.

Please give me your thoughts on my idea! Share it around and tell me what you think of it.

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