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Database setup for Active Transfer Market

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Hey guys, i have been playing FM since years but i have never understood how to set up the right database. I have had awesome careers on FM2010 and FM2011 and tried FM2012 and FM2013 also but never really got into it. The reason my careers on 2010 and 2011 were so awesome was because i played LLM and brought tiny clubs (Blyth Spartans and Shamrock Rovers in Ireland) to the top and won the CL with them. One of the most enjoyable aspects of those careers was that i scouted very good and got great players and alot of them got solled by my board when bigger clubs came in and offered alot of money. This happened not only with the top regens but also with players who were below that but showed really good stats for a few years. 


What i would like to know is how to set up the database so that the Transfer Market is really cut throath and bigger clubs come in and bid for your best players when you manage a small club. Does anybody know how to set this up? (large or small database, how many active leagues etc?)

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I dunno buddy, I followed as I’m interested as well.
I’ve found having a few other leagues up and running helps with transfers but I’m not sure as to how to work it to do what you are asking. 

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In general I think, and this in only my own feeling when playing, that smaller databases trigger more competition for players. So smaller database with fewer players causes more competition for the ones in it. So I would use as many leagues as you want, and a small database, and NOT add players to playable teams at the start. I think that would cause more transfers, but I cannot say for certain.

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Logically speaking, more active leagues means more active transfer markets going on in general... and the more players active in a database, the less competition there is for each player ..  


Just a matter of getting the balance right for how you like it really...

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If I start in any of the top three levels in England, I use the following:

  • Custom (medium) database
  • Top 4 levels from:
    • ENG
  • Top 2 levels from:
    • ESP
    • GER
    • ITA
    • FRA
  • Top level from:
    • POR
    • NED
    • BEL
    • RUS
    • TUR
    • UKR
    • AUT
    • SCO
    • CZE
    • GRE
    • SUI
  • Optional top level from:
    • BRA
    • ARG
    • USA
    • DEN
    • SRB
    • CRO
    • SWE
    • NOR
    • ROU
    • POL
  • Add continental reputation players from each continent as part of the custom database option

If starting lower down the reputation ladder then I would add more levels from the country in which I am starting and drop a couple of the optional leagues listed above. I try to keep many of the European nations active if I plan on getting to the point where I am competing in the Europa or Champions Leagues because I don't want to play against teams from inactive leagues.

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