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Brentford tactical advice

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Before anything I’m overachieving and I know you don’t fix what ain’t broken however I’d like to see what changes would be made to this tactic. Just got promoted last season and just had a good run here to push me up the table. In terms of play style I’m kind of a possession guy and I’d like my team to keep the ball well but also play that risky pass when it’s on, a lot of my attacks is either we play the winger through and he doesn’t square the ball! Or inside forward cuts in sometimes will play it to greenwood or to a midfielder who then plays it out to my wingback for the him to play the square ball. Now we’re unbelievably inconsistent right now and we’re getting peppered at goal and attacks are inconsistent we’ll either create a ton or struggle to create any. My question here is are my roles and duties well balanced and what mentality should I play for the big games I’m usually positive at home and balanced away depending on opposition I don’t go lower than balanced unless I’m literally trying to hold out for a lead. Thanks in advance. 


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