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So called 'Star Players'.

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Usually when I try to sign a 'good' player, his agent wants him to have 'star player' status. When I offer any status below this transfer talks are ended by the agent.

If I leave the transfers to my Director of Football the players is always given the 'Star Player' status. This means that I now have seven of these players and they will all want to play in every match. This will no doubt lead to problems with players that are 'Important' and 'regular starters'. The end result will lead to mass transfer requests.

Has anyone successfully dealt with this because I'm finding it rather difficult to get players who can improve my team?

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I’ve had exactly this in my Tottenham save, having only Harry Kane as an out and out striker I needed another one so I signed Edouard from Celtic to give Kane a rest at times, left my DOF to sort out the contract and he promised him star player status! 🙈

Luckily he has decent attributes to play an an inside forward so tending to use him there but was never the plan.

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1 hour ago, GianniM said:

You can always decrease the status a few weeks later on the player's transfer screen. Have never found this to be an issue if you do. 

Thanks for the help, I'll see what it does.

13 minutes ago, HanziZoloman said:

Sometimes it is 


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