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FM 2020 mobile transfer Bug

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This may have already been flagged up. But in my 2nd season i have arranged a transfer of one of my players out the club before end of the transfer window. The transfer has just been pending and didnt complete or cancel. Nor does it have a date that the transfer will complete. I also had a wonderkid out on loan and without me knowing or having any idea it says he is going to be transferred to the club he was on loan to since i recalled him. But theres no figure and it doesnt appear in club future transfer and worst of all i didnt approve the transfer. All seen instances during skipping days that i have had offers for players accepted to come to me and its automatically given them a contract and bid for my players accepted without me doing it. This is really making me wish i hadnt bought this whats the point if im not in control its like playing the game under mike ashley!!!

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I've had the exact same issue, loaned one of young players to RB Leipzig for the season, no future fee agreed. Checked and noticed it said he had a future transfer to them, so recalled him from his loan, but still showing as joining them. 

The transfer isn't shown in the future transfers section, but I'm stuck with a player who I can't offer an extended contract to or sell. 

Thanks s

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36 minutes ago, passenger58 said:

I've seen this issue loads of times in this year's edition. You'll be pleased to know the transfers don't normally go through. They just somehow drop off the game at the next transfer window.

Great, cheers - was hoping that would be the case, or that once a new season was started it would knock it off. Worry was it would just stay there indefinitely and the players contract would run out and leave on a free 

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Ah. If the player's contract is close to expiring it's a bit more complicated. You won't be able to offer him a contract, but neither will anyone else do that's cool. Once the transfer decides to drop off your save game you'll be able to offer one, but so will others so keep an eye on things closely and offer as soon as you can. Hope that makes sense. 

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