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The 10 Year Checklist Challenge

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Manage a previously unplayable club in the english leagues for 10 years aquiring as many points as possible.


The rules are essentially the same as the Dafuge Challenge in that you should holiday the first year and then take control of one of the clubs which are promoted into the Vanarama National North/South divisions.

The challenge lasts 10 seasons and you have a list of objectives which can earn you points each season. There are also a list of milestones which can earn you big points over the course of the challenge. 

There are up to 200 points to be earned each season through annual objectives.

There are a total of 1200 points to be earned over the course of the challenge through achieving milestones.

Please see the rules on setting up at the dafuge FM20 challenge thread: https://community.sigames.com/topic/497095-dafuges-fm20-challenge/


Each season you should post an overview of your progress ideally posting screenshots of the more notable achievements and your score so far.



I have attached a screenshot + excel document of the checklist so you can track your progress.tenyearchallenge.thumb.jpg.681f498c02db771787c3503b0f9d3039.jpg


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First season complete and surprisingly came 9th!

Every time I attempt the Dafuge Challenge on Fm2020 I have failed miserably.

Scored 35 points from the annual objectives list. These were:

- Beat a team from a higher division in a cup game (10 points) - I beat Chesterfield in the FA trophy

- Achieve 5 consecutive wins (10 points) - Managed 7 straight wins at the end of the season

- Avoid relegation (5 points) 

- Goalkeeper 1+ goals - Had my goalie take all penalties until he scored.


When taking over the club I had 1 player earning over £1k per week and 2 players earning £700 p/week. Non of these players have been key performers so dropping these at the end of the season will hopefully leave me with enough wage budget to comfortably qualify for playoffs!

7 in a row.jpg

endo f season score.jpg

League Table.jpg


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