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Scout assignments not producing (m)any results?

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I don't know if there's a specific thread or forum for scouting, and if there is could someone direct me to it please.

Assignments I use: Future prospects: Age 15-19, Scouted Potential Very Good (3 1/2 star). First team: Age 19-28, Scouted Current Ability Good (3 star).

I've got 28 scouts, all of whom have over 15 in adaptability, judging potential and judging ability. I try and send them to countries they are familiar with, and if I can't I send scouts with 20 in adaptability. I read an article that said it can be more successful to find quality regens by scouting youth leagues, so I tried this along with scouting individual nations too.

I had a scouting looking at Italy U18 and U20 leagues - he didn't even watch a single game. No players found. Another scout was looking at Portugal and Spanish Youth Leagues - he didn't watch a single game in Spain. No players found. My Brazilian Chief Scout - who has 20 in ADAP, JA and JP - was instructed to watch every youth competition in Brazil. No. Players. Found. Because I have the Brazilian Premier Division loaded I went and looked at U19 teams from the big sides, like Santos or VDG. I found quite a few 18 year olds valued at around £1m, so had them all scouted - every player I scouted matched my assignment requirements.

Even when I was scouting nations, the same problems occurred. I had a scout looking for regens in France, Belgium and Holland. He must have watched over 100 games, and hasn't produced a single result. The same can be said for my scout in Argentina and Chile. Aside from regens, this is also the case when scouting for first team players. One of my scouts was watching Serie A, and throughout the entire season only found 6 players whose scouted current ability was 'good'.

Am I doing something wrong? 

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