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FM20 Gamepass Editor

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Would simply like to know - and perhaps totally missing seeing it somewhere? - wether the Xbox One Gamepass version of the game is going to have access to the pre-game editor?

I couldn’t buy FM20 this year.. however downloaded it when it was free-to-play for a few weeks and noticed I couldn’t locate the Editor to install, was that planned? 

However, much appreciated in advance! I would like to be able to play and work on some personal databases.

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No, only the In-Game Editor will be available for the Game Pass version.

The Pre-Game Editor was not included as part of the Steam free-to-play promotion, but is available if the game is fully purchased via Steam.  

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Ah, that's disappointing, however thanks for letting me know.

I figured it wasn't made available, just wanted to be sure I wasn't being daft. May have to look at buying yet.

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1 hour ago, NUFC_Thanet said:

On last year's version pre-game editor data was still capable of being used in the Game Pass version if you transferred over the files. Is this going to be allowed for this year's game? Heard some mention that they've changed file format. 

Sounds promising. I wonder why they can't make the editor available to download for the gamepass version? Maybe because it's a tool and not supported. I'm not looking to spend £40 to just get the pre-game editor and play around a little.

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