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Why I can't run this game ??

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I haven't played any games for ages but now because of this quarantine at I have bought FM 2020.

I choosed box version because I'm used to games in box version.

I play for some time but then I had a break (last time I played at 30 March) and finally today I found time for playing and guess what ?

I can't start this game because when I click at shortcut this stupid steam application  is opening where under libraries tab I have 

Football Manager 2020 displayed with "Buy" button available!

WTF ? why I can't play in my originally purchased game ???

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Yes you're right but now this situation is ridiculous.

Now I'm in my parents flat when I arrive for Easter and staying for some time and I left box with code in city where I live.

So finally when I have time for playing I can't because I wasn't asked for code during installation

(I thought that this was because it was recognized that I'm installing it from original CD)

Free period shouldn't apply if I have originally purchased game becuase it's not neccessary.


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if you are installing from the cd, you should have the code.  buying the game gives you the code. and instructions. if you try to play from somewhere else then it will recognise that and stop you.  

summarizing. you did it wrong. simples. 

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As others have said, your only option to play the game is to retrieve the Steam code that was with your disk and use that to activate the game (as advised by notes on the back and in the contents of the box).

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