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Stadium big screen and stadium scenery

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I know it's not (easily) possile to edit the stadium architecture etc in a polished way (have seen Kubi's topics on this etc)

But I wondered:

(a) Is it possible to get rid of the big screen? (Annoying for lower league clubs) Also, anyone know what triggers whether stadiums do/don't have this? Does it depend on league reputation/stadium capacity etc?

(b) I know I can't easily mod it, but does anyone know what governs what background scenery a stadium is generated with? (eg hills and trees vs industrial estate vs city scape etc?) Is it city's population size? Or something else? So knowing this I can try get the backdrop I want...


Thanks so much

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Would also like to know answers to the above if anyone knows? Creating a team with a 80k all-seater and then it having hotdog stands in the corners with benches is not great for immersion.

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