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[FM20] New country: Greenland

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Football in Greenland

Greenland is back to FM 2020 with 47 clubs and 2 league levels. All of them are made realistically as possible with real rules and calendars.

Every club has in-game home/away kits plus 47 logos.


Link to logopack

Destination folder: Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\graphics

47 clubs, 2 league levels:
GronlandsBANKEN GM
Gronlands Hobbyliga

+logos for clubs, competitions and cups (61 in total)
+regional cups
+56 cities
+28 stadiums
+clubs and league history

However, some things were not possible to do in the editor. Originally the final phase lasts only 11 days in which up to 6 matches can be played. I would also like to point out that in the future I am going to find more clubs (I read that there are more) and add them to the game along with matches for 5, 3 and 1 place. If you have more information that I could add to the file, please contact me.

Also there is no information about the second league in Greenland. However, there are many more clubs than those that take part in the main competitions, so a second league was created in the game. I also created regional cups to fill the calendar of clubs from the first league.


I kindly ask you to subscribe my workshop in thanks to my work :)




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Il 9/4/2020 in 20:29 , Sangue Blu ha scritto:

ID 52024163, Ireland pre-1921 (non-existent).

Can Greenland play in the World Cup qualifiers and European qualifiers?


Se non sbaglio sei italiano, giusto?


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