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One night I was bored and created a 3 Tier pro/rel for Australia. Keep in mind these are full fantasy leagues and was made in one night so the database in very, very simple.

I tried to add teams in relevance to expansion bids (for expansion SEM FC (South East Melbourne/Team 11), Wollongong Wolves, Canberra, Gold Coast, Tasmania) and top NPL clubs who are have the capacity to play in a national division. (South Melbourne, Melb. Knights, Brisbane Strikers).

Also I made some derbies.

This database includes:
 - The Hyundai A-League (12 teams)
 - The Westfield A-League 2 (12 teams)
 - The Caltex A-League 3 (12 teams)
 - FFA Cup (64 teams enter)
 - A bunch of Reserve and u18 groups

NOTES (must read):
 - Macarthur enter the league in the 2019-20 season, I have given them $15,000,000 in the bank and $2,000,000 in transfer budget to spend on players, this seems to work (kinda) and Macarthur are able to fight a relegation battle (would be good to pick for a RTG)
 - I have given each club in A-League 2 and 3 $5,000,000 for the board to decide what ever they want to do with it.
 - given all clubs in A-League 2 and 3 semi-professional status, a few clubs tend to change it to professional anyway.
 - I have given certain clubs an upgrade to their stadium or moved/built them a better ground
 - I have updated clubs reputation so they can lure in bigger players
 - I suggest turning OFF add players to playable clubs to keep some-sort of realism in the save as the clubs do end up bringing in players to fill their squad most of the time. Same goes with adding key staff; disable that.
 - The rules are a simpler version of the real life A-League rules, e.g. max 5 foreign players, no more than 20 over-20 players in the squad, must have 4 u22 players in the matchday squad. and they are changes slightly as i you go down each Tier.
 - REMEMBER; this save was made in one night with minimal research and a lot more things could be added to the database to make it more realistic (adding players to clubs, awards, more in depth rules, sponsorship income, etc)
 - Simmed to 2023 with no problems, can't be bothered to sim further as I'm on a laptop.

Teams/results from the first season

Hyundai A-League


Westfield A-League 2


Caltex A-League 3

 - SEM FC is South East Melbourne FC
 - Black Swans FC are based in Perth, named Black Swans due to the NPL WA all-star team that Perth Glory play annually


If you have any questions/queries/suggestions, feel free to drop one, I will answer any questions that are asked. If this gets enough attention I might put more effort into this idk. But feel free to drop a question, will guarantee it will be answered.

File: fantasy tier 3 Australia 002.fmf

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