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TimmyFlex20 - a slightly different way to play. 20.4.1

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Hello everybody, yes, TimmyFlex is back. 

After having developed a version last year, I have been looking for a system to recreate it this year.

Essentially, the idea behind the tactic is this: You play the best 11 players you can get hold of, whatever their position and role.

That does not mean, of course, that you play a 1-1-8 formation or something silly like that, no. You need to provide balance, so it can be any formation really, the only rule that I adhere to is that the player must be fully green in the position and role.

The secret is having a solid base tactic, and here I am indebted to gtjbm for his/her gm-433geg-20 tactic that I found on FM Base (I think). This tactic is a kind of Klopp-esque gegenpress 433. However, it has a lot of individual instructions for each position. 

I have removed all position instructions and just play the players in their natural position and role. BUT, I never change the base tactic instructions as it is very reliable.

So, you'll find that the tactic as I saved it here is a 4-2-3-1, but I usually play a 4-3-3 or a 4-1-2-3. However, I have also played a 4-4-2 and a 4-3-2-1, and sometimes an asymmetrical formation with one winger and one AM. It really all depends on the best players available.

Generally, I like a mix of styles in the midfield, with always at least one def mid of some sort.  And I prefer the fullbacks to attack. Oh, I have only tried this with a flat-back four. You'll have to experiment  to find the best combination.

I do not use any OIs, let my ass man do general training and never use shouts. Sometimes I switch to defensive very late in the game, but it is generally very solid.

Regarding results, I lost in the play-offs with Cardiff in the first season, then finished second behind Leicester in the second season with 94pts. First season in the Prem, I am 9th after 23 games, so now feel secure enough to publish the tactic.

This is not a wonder tactic, but it is very good. I like it this way, find it more satisfying when a combination works. I should say that this approach is both freeing and limiting. It means that you can buy any player and are not limited to those who fit your tactic, but you are also limited because you cannot just shove any old player into a role.

The other thing that I should mention is that, when I make a sub, it usually has to be done via the tactics screen so you can adjust the position and role. This does allow you to be more flexible though when responding to the game.


Good luck!


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Just wanted to give this tactic a bump, have been using it for two seasons with Cardiff in 2023-25 after my own tactics stalled completely. It's brought me back-to-back ECLs and a league title and 3rd place finish with a good but not dominant squad - lots of pace though which seems to be important as breaking beyond opposition midfield and defence lines is often how chances start. Really pleasing, fast attacking football, devastating counter attacks and pretty solid at the back but often brings 3-2/4-2 scorelines which just make the game more fun for me. The pace of passing is at times hilarious (in a good way), players exchanging lightning passes 4 or 5 times before releasing someone into a channel around edge of the box. Lots of goals from all over the pitch, particularly the front 3 which I've struggled to get out of a lot of other tactics. Tweaked the defending set pieces to setup counter attacks and working even better. Thanks!

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This was actually the reason tactical styles were introduced, yet most players have not invested time to create them. What we have instead are generic high press, high tempo and high defence line 443 or 41414 tactics that do not have a base style. I tried it and i noticed the quite giddy quick play that the style aims to play.

I would be creating a tactic based on it too. 

Kudos to the creator of the style.

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