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[FM20] Socialist central planning

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Being under lockdown freed up a lot of time, so I decided to venture into a new CU topic. In the past 2 or 3 versions, the only saves that I can maintain are academy ones, and having run out of countries to go in Europe, it was time for me to go transcontinental :cool: And being the commited leftie that I am, Cuba is my destination!

I am starting with Granma FC, due to reasons of naming, as Granma is the name of the ship that brought Fidel Castro and the rebels to the island, on the outset of their struggle.



The cuban league is split into two groups, and we're predicted 7th out of 8 in our grouping: 




And finally the squad: 



In saves like that I always add players to playable teams, so most of them are FM-generated players anyways. My goal is to progress the academy and the level of the players we produce, with the gradual aim of improving Cuba's standing in CONCAAF and the world! :D Probably I will do half-season or full-season updates, along with the youth candidates of every year, so I hope that anybody who'll follow will enjoy this. :)  




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Got a problem with the file, as there were no continental comps, thankfully I was only a season in so I'm just starting over :) 

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First of all, we had some nice upgrades to our facilities during the season, boosted by our good form which will be shown later:




The cuban league is split into two phases, the preliminary groups, two of 8 teams each, where we blazed through undefeated:



In the second phase we stumbled a bit more, although since we had mid-table expectations, we actually overachieved!:



On top of what can be classed as a succesful season in regards to the league, we had a very good intake, the key to these saves: 


and in the spoiler you'll find the top prospects:



qNV6Ggm.jpg lvTfWt2.jpg   T8OlNuI.jpg wGBBnxr.jpg  lvTfWt2.jpg

So onto season 2, the goal is to finish near the top again, and maybe sneak in a couple of updates along with the continued progress of our youth. See you :D 

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