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(FM20) Scottish Pyramid - One SFA To Rule Them All

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Some may have seen my post in GD where I discussed this but after pouring some hours into the editor this db is finally finished! For now!


I have created a fantasy league system for Scotland with clear promotion and relegation from the best of Scotland down to the Highland and Lowland leagues. This is not as extensive as it sounds with only three leagues (H/L are in the same tier). This is because in my opinion Scotland simply has far too many league teams for a nation of its size. This retains the best 32 professional sides with the tiered leagues adding another 40 teams. We have the following:

SPL - Tier One - 16 teams playing each other home and away. After 30 games top four and bottom four split and play each other once more to decide the overall champion and who finishes in the two rlegation places. They keep their points totals from the first 30 games.

Championship - Tier Two - 16 teams playing each other home and away. Top two are promoted and bottom two relegated (no playoffs). The most northerly team enters the Highland Premiership and the most Southernly enters the Lowland Premiership.

Highland and Lowland Premierships - Tier Three - Two leagues of 20 teams playing each other home and away. A single team is promoted from each into the Championship.

Scottish Cup - For the league sides only. 32 teams are drawn into 8 groups of 4. These extra 6 games (plus potential playoff games) brings up the number of games to ease the loss of revenue from shorter leagues. Scottish teams cannot afford to lose any more money! The group winners and runners up procede to the last 16 after Christmas. Only the final is played at Hampden.

Amateur Trophy - For the 40 Highland and Lowland sides. With no League Cup I could afford to raise the reputation and prize money for the Amateur sidesto hopefully make it a big deal. 40 teams are in 8 groups of 5 (8 games) with the group winners progressing to the quarter-finals. The finalists get their big day out at Hampden.


The Download Link: - http://www.mediafire.com/file/72uy8rfhw7kq5lf/SPL_Pyramid.fmf/file


Any bugs/ questions/ suggestions or anything, please don't hesitate to fire away!


Special mentions to the following people:

@EnigMattic1 and @huntelaar19 for showing an interest and helping me work through some ideas

@sporadicsmiles For his editing help

Samo and Rickie over on FMSlack for sticking their two-penneth in too!


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4 hours ago, huntelaar19 said:

My man!!! 

Can’t wait to get started on this, excellent work mate!!

Hang fire, squad selection rules aren't working properly. It's just selecting a random 25 players and not letting the human choose.

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