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Best way to train / develop players

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What is the best way to train or develop players? Leave it all to your assistant / backroom staff or to do it yourself and control players individual training?

If it’s to leave to your assistant / staff – (apart from having 5 star staff and good facilities) what else is there to do?


If it is to do it yourself and control players individual training. I presume this is all about getting the training rating up? Focussing on the below:

·         Additional focus

·         Intensity Levels

·         Player traits

·         Mentoring

·         Playing minutes in games


Too often I see players having arrows pointing downwards (presume signifying their stats are getting worse). Trying to work out how to change this.


I’m in year 2028 with Everton – Kings of Europe.  Good staff / good facilties etc.


Thank you


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I manually train all my players. That way I can set there roles I need them to play and make them train what's skills I think they need. 

I let the Assistant manager sort out mentoring as I can't figure it out yet. 

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Just to add, I find game time to be the most important aspect for development once a player turns 18. If you're a top club, chances are he might not get in straight away, so try and send him on loan to the level that suits him (you can see this in the coach report). Try easing him in to your squad once he's 19-20, will help him loads.

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I control all the training, especially for the reserves and youth, who all go on double intensity training and any individual training i think they might need.

Also I find veteran players who have great personalities and determination set them to mentor youth players in that same position.

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