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Help - Developing youngsters / Wonderkids in FM20 Touch

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What is the best way to develop youngers on FM20 Touch?

I have finally unlocked the no work permits unlockable allowing me to sign youngsters from all over the world…. Mainly Wonderkids.

Unlike the FM20 Mobile version (easy to develop youngers) The Touch version doesn’t seem to appear to be as easy. Maybe the hardest part of the game. In fact I’m in year 2028 just signing players for £75 million or so. 

Having won everything. Its not time to work out how to develop players.

Currently, my youth academy condition is excellent (presume this cold be better). My head of youth development is 4.5 stars (working with youngsters 20).

I have two 16 year old kids who in their first year have both made 15 starts and 5 sub appearances. Game time isn’t a problem to develop kids?


I’ve tried to leave training with the assistant as well as do it myself. Trying different methods on different players.


I was hoping someone could help (give me an idiots guide) on what to do?

Thank you

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I believe it's quite similar to Full FM.

Your youth academy will only impact your new youngsters that come through at your club, not their development. Good youth training + Head of Youth Development with good Working with Youngsters (and good personality for the occasional ones he converts to his personality type) will generally give you better youngsters coming through.

Good training facilities will help improve the players once they're visible players at your club. Up until 18 the quality of training facilities are more important than game time, after that they need to be playing (if out on loan, ideally at a club at the level they're listed at on your coach report with good training facilities of their own). The development tab will suggest if they need more minutes to improve during the season if you're playing them in your team. Assigning them to mentoring groups will also help them pick up key personality traits for growth like professionalism, ambition or determination, along with player traits from their team mates. Of course you need positive role models in your groups to instil these values.

Also pay attention to the development progress graphs rather than just the arrows. Sometimes a player will dramatically increase a skill and then have a small decrease which may show up as a red arrow but actually be an overall positive increase. I think SI were talking about changing that.

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