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Help. Looking for a Tactic.

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I started a new save, picked a club in the English Vanarama South (Tonbridge Angels).

I want to focus on the youth. But with a limited budget, i decide to play safe and only scout for expiring deals/free agents/loan players who play limited minutes.

I want to use the Youth to make profits, building a foundation for the facilities, then focus on building a squad.

SO, What type of players am i looking for? What is your tactic? What is your philosophy? Are you using a "suggested" tactic from the induction and build from there because of the familiarity so it's faster?

My philosophy is that i want a catenaccio system (Defense first) with touch of Pep Guardiola's possession offense. To focus on defense, i don't want my players to hard press because they will get exposed by simple one-two passes. Again, defense first. Again, catenaccio defense, pep offense.

Lastly, what about in transition? I do love my gk saving a shot, thus initiating a counter attack. I do love counter attack. The question is: do i prefer fluid counter attack and wait for my teammates for support for "strength in numbers" but also, slowing down the counter attack thus opponent is easier to catch up? OR a direct counter attack in which should i trust my players with their 1v1/2v2, thus taking advantage of the situation and not miss this opportunity? Any tactical person, you decide.

Any custom tactic?

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