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How to identify an influential mentor?

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I currently have a really young squad and am looking to bring some influential mentors to help develop them. I was wondering if there's a way to tell how effective a player will be as a mentor? 

In previous seasons and saves I have loaned/free transferred in a variety of experienced, iconic players with great determination and mental stats (Dani Alves, De Rossi, Vidal, Godin etc.) and I can't figure out a rhyme or reason as to why some have a significant/average/light impact as mentors? 

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I think it is mostly affected by Squad Dynamics, mentor's age and his CA vs tutor's CA. Iconic players probably don't have problems with age or CA, so I guess you have to get them to higher level in squad hierarchy. Make them team captain / vice captain, try to gell them into the squad. After that they should have better impact as mentors.

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