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Agnelli Plan FM19

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Hi all, 

Looking for something to occupy me and I wondered about the Agnelli original European Continental Cups plan. It was planned that they would have promotion and relegation between different European competitions and it got me thinking about how this would work. Do you reckon this could be built on the editor?


My plan

So I would have a 32-team UCL (as mentioned), a 32-team UEL and a 64-team UECL (Conference League). The teams would be taken from the 2019-20 UCL and UEL for the two competitions.

UCL and UEL - Four groups of eight, followed by a R16, QF, SF, F. Bottom four teams will be relegated to next seasons UEL/UECL. The UECL teams would be joined by all the qualifiers from domestic leagues, which would be the remaining teams not already in the UCL/UEL, in sixteen groups of four, with the top two promoted to the UEL and playing off for the title. 

Compositions of Leagues

UCL - 16 qualifiers from previous UCL, 16 promoted from UEL

UEL - 16 relegated from previous UCL, 16 promoted from UECL

UECL - 16 relegated from previous UEL (group stage), 48 from qualifying (from 192 qualifiers from UEFA)

1-10: 6 teams

11-25: 4 teams

26-40: 3 teams

41-54: 2 teams

Liechtenstein: 1 team

Would I be best to input all the current teams in, and set up the competitions then add the relegation and promotion later or is there something on the editor that I'd be able to do something like this on? Crowd sourcing ideas here, thanks in advance! 




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The question I would have seeing the system  is whether the club competition allow for relegation. The rest looks pretty reasoanable to me.

If you set up the first version it will probably not find the relegators, but choose them randomly.

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