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Training camps, China sounds like fun.

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So, my board consisting of a brainless dictator sends me a a few proposals for a pre-season tour, I DON`T WANT THEM... I want to go to Scotland, I like the air there!!!! He gives me China, Hong Kong and two others, fuming I have to accept one of them. I went for China, go see the wall, buy cheap hardware in Shenzhen, eat Pecking duck and visit the Forbidden City.

We arrived in China and all good, we settled in a hotel and prepared mentally and tactically for the first match with two jet lag and warm up restitution days in a fine training area. We won our first match 17-0 and I couldn´t tell anything about those who came in during the second half, they were watching the birds and whistling at the beautiful women who showed up to watch our game, all 11 were uninterested. That´s okay I thought, I better bring the whip out for the next game, anyone who seems uninterested will have to play naked.

Then the most weird thing happened, only 2 friendlies were arranged and I tried to fill the gaps, wanted two more games. I called the various clubs, about 15 .... was told to sod off as they weren´t interested, what could they possibly get from playing against me? I told them about my disciplinary measures and following nudity but they weren´t keen on being whopped. Result, I couldn´t find any friendlies in China, no one wanted to play me.

We had a splendid tour though, got to see a lots of stuff, eat plenty of delicious food and no one had to play naked as I played the youth team in our last match in China, the grown ups were busy.


Don´t send me to a country where no one wants to play football mr. Tobin, please!!!!

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