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Talk to player text is missing


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I downloaded the player pics on first opening but they are all just silhouettes.

When I select "Talk to Player" there are buttons that seem unavailable, disiplinary and whether I want to make praise public or private. (included pics)

Also I've played a few months at Doncaster I've had great form and well performing players but not getting recognised for player of the month or manager of the month not even in 3rd (where in I have no doubt in FMM19 they/ we would have featured) 

Screenshot_20200122-142850_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200122-142839_FM20 Mobile.jpg

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Good Day. I have realized that whenever I try to talk to a player the options are blank. For example if I am trying to discipline a player I do not know which option is selected and when I press confirm an action is randomly selected. Even if I want to say something positive to the player the public or private text is missing. The images I have added are an example of what I am talking about.






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