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[FM20] Atletico Ottawa - Canadian Premier League Expansion

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I was just hired by Atletico Ottawa as their new Head Coach in the Canadian Premier League in Football Manager 2020. With a clean slate, how will we build the team?

I'm using Yellowsweatygorilla's Canada Mega Patch - Fantasy expansion version with Uncle Sam's U.S.A. Real Life Expansion mod.



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The preseason is over and we're ready for our inaugural season in the Canadian Premier League. The odds have us in 3rd for winning the title this season while the 4 other expansion teams fall in the 9th to 12th range. How will we do in our first two games vs Force FC on the road and then our home-opener against Pacific FC?

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Hi, can I ask does the salary cap stay fixed at £11,250 p/w indefinitely? I have just finished a season and finding the rebuild process ahead of season 2 near on impossible. Just wondering whether that adapts as the league grows or not? Thanks

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