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Inside Forward, Wingers and Player Traits

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I was wondering why my Inside Forward always stays in the middle of the pitch instead of staying wide and then cutting in with the ball. Is there any tactical instruction or player role around the inside forwards that triggers this? Is there any way to make them stay wide?

I also tried to play inside forwards as wingers when they have the trait to "cut inside" but then they never cut inside which is really strange.


Something that i also was wondering about is if the player roles have any impact on the player at all. Because for example players with a trait that says they dribble down the left side don´t have significantly mroe dribbings then my other players when i look at the match stats.

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Player roles AND traits do have effects - one can often over-ride the other to some extent, for instance if a player 'runs with ball often' but is put into a holding role that will stifle his instincts far more than if he's set as a winger ..

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