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[FM20] Scottish Fantasy Pyramid System

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I have updated my file for next season added in more teams and more cups level 16


Level one

Scottish premiership

Level two

Scottish championship

Level Three

Scottish League one

Level four

Scottish league two

Level five

Highland/ Lowland Leagues

Level Six

East of Scotland League / South of Scotland League / West of Scotland League

Level seven

North Superleague/ North Caledonian League / East Superleague

Level Eight

East of Scotland Conference A and B

Level Nine

West of Scotland conference A,B and C

Level Ten

East Superleague South / Highland Amateur League / Scottish junior North First Division / Fife and Perth Premier League 

Level Eleven

Lothian & Edinburgh Amateur League / East Region First division / Scottish Junior North Second Division / Highland Division One

Level Twelve

George Buckman Premier division  / Aberdeenshire Amateur Division / Highland Division Two 

Level Thirteen

Budget Blinds Premier League / Caledonian Amateur League

Level Fourteen

Borders Amateur A league /Caledonian Division One /The Scotia Drainage League

Level fifteen

Borders Amateur B League/Aberdeenshire Amateur Division One / Highland Division Three/ Caledonian Division Two

Level sixteen

Borders Amateur C League / Caledonian Division Three






Scottish Fantasy Pyramid System Update 1.fmf



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updated File
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Queen's Park are semi-pro now. This is reflected in the current SI update. They will also be leaving Hampden ant the end of this season and playing all future matches at Lesser Hampden.


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hi not been on for a while forgot about this update it was some minor changes i made, I have been working on a new update for this improving it ones i find out where teams are playing next season will release it plus adding some new teams as well .

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hello yes i do have one was was not going to put up but happy for you download it ,its a 20 premiership and 22 championship play each other twice something like the one i have on here exempt more money in the premiership and championship .put the file below if you want to download it and try it out.

Scottish Fantasy Leagues .fmf

Scottish rich 2.fmf

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