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Tactical Challenge: Raumdeuter

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My crazy tactic worked out quite well in the end somehow:


Along with this we dominated possession (63% across the season). My raumdeuter ended up 3rd in goals, behind my F9 and SS, but he led the team in assists and led the team in goals + assists. He also averaged 7.15 over the season (somehow that puts him 9th in the players on my team, although probably 11th behind the two MCs I sold midseason).

This is the guy that played there for the majority of the season, nothing special but he's rated competent at raumdeuter by the game


The final formation. The real standouts from the formation were the SS and RPM though. Especially in the first half of the season, the guy playing RPM averaged 8.18 (!!!) over 13 games before River Plate bought him. My SS was my second highest scorer and was often seen running free between the opposition CBs.


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On 21/02/2020 at 22:40, Piperita said:

Current formation: SKs—WBs, CD, BPD, WBs—DMd—DLPs, MEZa—RMD, Ws—DLFs. Instructions one step up with the lines and pressing, playing out of the defense, counter and counter-pressing and offside-trap


Slight update: The DMd is now in support duty and quite often I completely change the right side. Any of the roles with 'wingback' in its name as support duty set to overlap, BWMs and IWa. Against better teams without overlap and normal lines. 

Due to the overlap instruction the IWa is not that aggressive to take steam away from the RMD but still has some good movement and the BWMs is good for my transitions. I think one day I moght switch my midfielders around as well. Thinking being that Baier can switch the flanks with his abilities and is more positionally minded to guard the overlaps and that the BWM is more suited for shorter passes to the closer RMD. 

But right now Baier is just too good to experiment with. When I last looked he had 28 key passes after just 6 games, the second best Bundesliga player had just like 15 :D

Other key stats: Finn and Chalov are a good team. Around 0.6 goals and 0.4 assists/game each and it could have been so much more. But sadly offsides are still kiling me. 

My backline is surprisingly stable. Just one goal conceded so far (against Leverkusen) and except against Dortmund I played with my youth setup of Amini-Uduokhai-Oxford in the centre. I feel quite bad for Suchy and the recently-regenerated Gouweleeuw because there is just so little space for them right now! 

in general the winter will be a big game of thinning. I have three roughly equal leftbacks, right now four at least okay right wingers as well as two-and-a-half right backs. I fear I'll have some revolutions sooner or later... 

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On 19/02/2020 at 21:09, XuluBak said:

I'm really curious to see how well Portal and Jaime would do as they become increasingly comfortable in those roles, but that will have to wait. That save, and especially with Portal on my side, seems like cheating. He's legitimately that good. 

Revisited this save, with Portal and Jaime in their first full season as RMD and F9, respectively. Both are now "competent" in their roles. Switched primarily to 4231. 34-4-0 in EPL. Took out Bayern, PSG, and Barca (each won their respective leagues this season: 2031-32) en route to repeating UCL champs. Only loss of the season was to City, on penalties (so not technically a loss!), in the semis of the FA Cup. Not surprisingly, the defense dropped off a bit with the switch from 433 to 4231, but that was more than made up for with offensive production. In EPL we were +17 GF/+7 GA, but we also locked up the league earlier, so there was more rotation. 

Stats: First season vs Second season

Tactics obviously dictated somewhat by situation, but this is essentially my final setup:


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I decided to give it a try. I never used Raumdeuter on FM except for a game or two so I'm  in the process of making my first tactic with that role. My first version is terrible, I did win some games but Ramdeuter is not in the right positions. However since I already invested the money to bring the player who will play that role I don't want to give up.

First for some context, I took over Man City in a season 29/30. They only want me to qualify for Europa League next season but also want to reach final this season. I had to sell Joao Felix who wanted to leave for CL football so I decided to reinvest that money in Raumdeuter and give it a go.

So this is the guy I bought, he was transfer listed by Liverpool. Usually I don't spend €92M for a 28 year old but I this is what I wanted and I have plenty of money for spending.


And this is the guy that is rotating with him.


I had a bad luck that both of them injured recently so I played some games with winger instead, but Morales now recovered and he should start playing soon enough. 

I also used my substitute DLF (he is actually AF but I use him as a DLF) in a RMD role and saw encouraging signs with my constantly tweaked tactic. I don't have the vast knowledge of ME like some of the other members on the forum but I know when I see something that I like.

Like this goal he scored. 


He also scored one header and had 1 assist and had other chaces so I was happy with his movement. I just hope it isn't just one game and that tactic continues to produce this.

I'll post screenshot of the tactic as soon as I test it a little bit more.

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Not telling you i'll be part of the challenge, but this opened my about about my RW on Vélez, who should me by best goalscorer, but hasn't delivered yet... Surely will test him as a Raumdeuter now. Thanks for the idea, even tho it wasn't your goal :P




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36 minutes ago, XuluBak said:

Anyone having success with a Raumdeuter in FM21? 

In my first season I had good success with Piatek as the Raumdeuter in a 4-2-2-2 of sorts, he was second top scorer before I sold him 2nd season.

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An old tactic of mine from a couple of years ago. Son as the Raumdeuter with sixteen goals, twelve goals from the rest of the squad combined - and I think a couple of Lucas' goals were as the Raumdeuter too. Gave it up because it wasn't getting anything out of Kane, but it's definitely something I'd try again if I had the right players.

875340210_SonOnly (1).png

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17 hours ago, Sophos said:

An old tactic of mine from a couple of years ago. Son as the Raumdeuter with sixteen goals, twelve goals from the rest of the squad combined - and I think a couple of Lucas' goals were as the Raumdeuter too. Gave it up because it wasn't getting anything out of Kane, but it's definitely something I'd try again if I had the right players.

875340210_SonOnly (1).png

That's a cool setup for sure. I think if mirroring IRL per 2021, Son would be on the left hand side, but that doesn't need to happen in an FM game of course. 

As for Kane, at least in FM21, he's the perfect candidate for a Complete Forward (support). He can do everything except beat defenders on pace, and allowing him the freedom to do... well, everything, should more out of him. This should mirro Spurs' setup IRL pretty well, also including a Raumdeuter. To replicate how Son plays defensively, you'd probably need to tell him to mark the opposition full back, but that's more a replication experiment than anything. 


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