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FM2020 - Scottish Players Thread

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Hi All,

Came on to see if there was some kind of good Scottish players thread but couldn't seem to find one.

Would be particularly interested in some screenshots of high potential Scottish players and how they have progressed in some saved games after 4/5 years to help with signings in my new save game.

Anyone found any good ones so far?



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Currently playing as Dumbarton manager. Won successive promotions to the Premier League and sitting in 6th place with 15 games to go. Loans from Rangers and Celtic have been a big help. Dapo Mabude (Rangers) scored 25+ goals in League one and Owen Moffat (Celtic) 25 + goals in The Championship. Got an interesting one this season when I signed Ross MacCausland from Rangers on loan but as I wasn't concentrating when I signed him, I included a mandatory £275k transfer at the end of the loan. Giving Dumbarton have zero money, it'll be interesting to see what happens there. Other frustrating thing is his contract runs out at the end of the season so could have signed him for free, Thankfully he's doing well and current Premier League top scorer so could be worse.
Other players I'd recommend are Adam Frizzell on loan initially (I've since signed up permanently and was great in Championship as well as League 1). Francesco Di Nolfo and Mark McKee who I stole from other threads in this forum signed when in League 1 and are still key players in The Premier League

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