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'My Club' transfer issues


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Good afternoon support team. During one of my last saves i decides to create my own club at the Greek superleague 2, it was supposed to be a chill, easy and fun save so sugar daddy was on. I unlocked sugar daddy from in game for all that matters, now here are the problems i had listed for reference.

1. Sugar daddy was spending (signing checks) but the board allocated only 4 mil if any.

2. I sold a player with loan back option and another with the 'end of the season' option. Both players left the club couple of days later never to be seen again. (Latest two transfers on screenshot)

3. The 'enquiry' transfer option also seems bugged as sometimes , after i bid the full 'enquired' amount the other club asks for even more, even with no rival bids or intrest from other clubs.

4. That one is from another save but thought i could squeeze it in, no matches at all in October , November or December, then matches every 2-3 days for the rest of the season.

I uploaded the save file under the name giannisskmyclub.dat at your cloud service

Screenshot_20200211-144031_FM20 Mobile.jpg

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