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Does anyone know how I can increase maximum staff wages (if it's even possible)?

In my save, the year is 2023, I'm playing as FCSB, Romanian league, club finances are around +50M euros (considered rich), reputation is national (3.5 stars). My wage budget is around 2.3 M euros/month and transfer budget around 32 Meuros. I'm spending ~1 M euros/month on wages. Still, I can't increase the maximum wage for a scout over ~7K/month or a coach higher than ~10-11K. Everytime I ask the board to increase the maximum wages for a staff role, I get the answer that we're already spending enough on staff or that the wages are sufficient to attract a candidate of a high enough caliber.



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I think this is a bug tbh or at the very least really unrealistic. When I have loads of wage budget for playing staff left over I should be allowed to offer a scout 5k pw rather than 4.4k pw max limit for example. It's not an issue with manager rep or your relationship with the board either because I've had this issue on saves where it wouldn't be a problem. Having said that, my staffing budget is completely unlimited now as far as I can tell (paying multiple staff over 30k pw) so at least it isn't a permanent thing, you just have to become ridiculously rich.

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11 hours ago, Hovis Dexter said:

Possibly a silly question but do you have a problem in hiring coaches or scouts with high enough attributes to meet your requirements?

For some types of training, it's hard to get coaches with an over 3.5 star rating. It's also hard to get scouts that I can really trust (I have a few with 17+ judging attributes, but a lot are still around 13-14). I guess it depends on the requirements: the board is already very happy with my performance, but I want to win the Champions League and I feel I would need better staff for that (or at least to make it easier for me) and I could easily afford it.


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