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Over-performing Players

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Apologies if there is something like this already.

But thought it would be good for people to list players who over-perform.

Whether that's their current club, their ability, their attributes, their league... anything really!

Anyone is welcome, from regular players, wonder kids and all those hidden gems.

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I shall start off with Robbie Burton.

I signed him on a free at the beginning of the season season with newly promoted League One side, Scunthorpe United.

He has been sensational, lead me to back to back promotions to the Championship and now two play off finishes also.

I will post screenshots of him when I am home from work.

He has just got himself into the Wales National team (which isn't that significant being a Championship player) but maybe doesn't look possible when you first look at him at the start of the game.

By no means think he would have a future at Arsenal at the start of the game, but he has been tremendous in The Championship.

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Not sure it qualifies, but I signed Pedro Chirivella on a free transfer from Liverpool. Playing as Antwerp, he's not only done brilliant for us, he's also worked his socks off in training.
Been labelled the standout performer in training most every week, with ratings of +9 and the occasional 10.
Very impressed with the kid.

shame his performances attracted a lot of attention and we can't convince him to stay for a second season. On the upside, will have made +15m on selling him :thup: 

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