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Who was your original FM wonderkid that you first fell in love with?

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CM 00/01 - Richard Logan Striker Ipswich regen who I signed one evening for United on a bit of a whim, ended up making my feel like Sir Alex myself as the boy went on to win my competitions by the bucketful.

FM08 - Denis Bacaicoa Striker - Spanish ace with the weird name. Regularly win player of the year and led me to 4 consecutive CL wins.

FM12 - Rob Bardsley Midfield General - Captain at 18 of my all conquering Palace team in 25/26, also the only player I've ever had who pulled a Michael Jackson and changed skin colour from black to white after a few seasons. Maybe it was a tribute to MJ. 

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Tommy Hoiland.

I played every version of FM on my friends' computers up til 2005. Then in 2006 I got the Xbox360 version for my own. Hoiland would go on to score 200 goals for my Kristiansund BK side before moving onto Valencia for £7.5m.. 

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Marcin Harasimowicz, the digital Thierry Henry, from 3rd tier Gwardia Warsaw. Think this was in CM01/02 or maybe 00/01 - whichever version had a ludicrous number of quality Polish players; Arkadiusz Bak, Kazimierz Moskal, Pawel Brozek et al.

Teammate Jaroslaw Swietochowski, a playmaking midfielder, was a gem too. Both could be bought for something luicrously paltry, like £60k.

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On 30/01/2020 at 16:34, Welshace said:

I mean, Cherno Samba will always be the one I think about ..


But for fm2006 as the start of the series for real ... has to be the african duo... L. Mokoena and Benedict Vilakazi or Fredy Guarin ... amazing players..

Cherno Samba....those were the days.  


Cherno Samba, Andri Sigporsson (sp?), Ibrahima Bakayoko and Robbie Keane are the ones I think of.  

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Does anyone remember Peter Prospar and Alexandros Papadopoulos? The first one was from Trinidad and Tobago the latter from Greece and I believe they were in the previous Championship Manager version. I don't remember what season though. They had some crucial stats for their positions and destroyed any opponent. You could pick them up for scratch at the start of the season. Besides those two, the young Wayne Rooney and the 13 year old (back in the days when kids were allowed in games) Freddy Adu are my other favourites. Lebohang Mokoena and Benedict Vilakazi were crazy South African wonderkids and a must buy as well.

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