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I want to recreate the Mourinho,Chelsea tactic,Especially the midfield roles

I didnt get to experience this team as i was only born in 2003,but growing up in a family that supports Chelsea, Ive always heard the greatness of this side

The only way i have been able to see this team is highlights which isnt much help

From what ive read the roles would be                CM(a)-AP(a)---BWM(s)        but in the game i have never been able to make this work


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I'll refer you to this article on Zonal Marking; http://www.zonalmarking.net/2010/01/25/teams-of-the-decade-13-chelsea-2004-06/

As a rough approximation, I'd say something like; 

GK (Cech) - Goalkeeper (D)

DR (Ferreira) - Full Back (S)
DL (Bridge) - Wing Back (S)
DC(r) (Carvalho) - Centre Back (C)
DC(l) (Terry) - Centre Back (S) - Maybe BPD as Terry's passing was criminally underrated.

DM (Makelele) - Anchor Man (D)
MC(r) (Tiago/Essien/Gudjohnsen) - Really depended on the player tbh, I'd play with either B2B(S) or MC(S). 
MC(l) (Lampard) - CM(A)

AMR (Duff) - IW(S)
AML (Robben) - IF(A)
ST (Drogba) - CF(S)

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Forgot about the Anchor Man role!
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On 19/01/2020 at 14:22, Hilly1979 said:

My take on the midfield 3 from that period would be, Anchor man, box to box midfielder and CM on a attack

Only not 100% sure about the BBM. Maybe a BWM on support (Essien) instead. Was long ago, so it's difficult to remember everything :)

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Here's my interpretation of that team

Counter (or Cautious mentality)



WB (d)-CB (c)-CB (x)-WB (s or a)

A (d)

IW (a)-BBM (s)-MEZ (a)-W (a)

PF (a)



Pass Into Space

Whipped Crosses



Wide defensive shape


The PIs I would have is to allow the switching of the wingers

And also Roam From Position for them and the Drogba role

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