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[FM20] MorrisseyMuse's Weekly Stat Updates

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Hola folks!  It's been a long while since I last tried my hand at editing but have been sucked back in recently! lol


Whenever I play FM, I'm never truly happy with player stats and other little niggles (I blame the OCD :D), so I've decided to start up an 'ongoing update' of sorts where I will be updating player and manager stats, CA, PA, positions, etc.

I have full admiration and respect for the scouts that work on FM and no disrespect is intended with this project; it's just an alternative that I plan on rolling out weekly (hopefully! lol), to give the community more regular updates, a different game database and that can also hopefully be influenced with input from the community itself. :)

So I've waffled on long enough... :)


  • The ONLY update with regular player and staff updating! - attributes, CA, PA, positions, etc.
  • Relationships - Managers fall out with a player?  Friendships forming off the pitch?  Staff leave a club under less than mutual circumstances? you'll see the fallout in the next update! :)
  • Players' mental attributes - a player has a burst of form, a brush with the law off the pitch, a sudden transfer request or a drop in consistency, for example, will all be addressed in player stats!
  • Teams - club rep, stadiums, correct names, new kits, etc..  Juventus FC added in, replacing 'Zebre'!
  • Leagues - All of the promtions and relations and tournament/cup winers for the 19/20 season updated as and when results come in and correct/more accurate league/cup names added!
  • Injuries - added/removed as and when they happen!
  • New players/youth/wonderkids = added if/when they happen!
  • 20/21 Season Kits - all of the kits for next season edited in!


Current version/Installation:

  1. Download the .fmf file from the link below.
  2. Copy/paste the file into your 'Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2020 > editor data' folder
  3. When you start a new game, select '20.4.0 Update' database in the top right
  4. Select the 'MorrisseyMuse Stat Updates option under 'File' section, if not already ticked.
  5. Enjoy!

I'm ecstatic to finally announce the release of a 'pre-alpha'/test build today! :)  This will be the only test version; if no glaring issues are found with the database then I'll continue with official releases from next week.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!  any stats you don't agree with, please post your feedback here!  And above all else, now more than ever, I hope you enjoy! :D


LInk (4th October 2020):



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New/Final update (for now!) added
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  • 1 month later...

So, 9 days later than planned due to me being ill recently, sorry..! :D

Now that the official SI January Update patch is out, I'm delighted to announce that work is well underway on this update! :)


  • 1000's of players and backstage staff updated! - attributes, CA, PA, preferences, etc.
  • Player's mental attributes also looked at regularly! - a player has a burst of form, a brush with the law off the pitch, a sudden transfer request or a drop in consistency, for example, will all be addressed in player stats.
  • Injuries added/removed as and when they happen!
  • Team updates! - club rep, stadiums, correct names, new kits... eg. 'Zebre' are no more! welcome back Juventus! :D
  • New players/youth/wonderkids added if/when they happen! :)

I'm aiming to release the update every 1-2 weeks, details to follow on the first 'release date, hope you enjoy! :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi folks!

I've been busy working on the update, converting a few things over following the 20.4.0 update and going through 100's of teams, players and staff, updating stats, names and general info to be as up to date as you can get anywhere! at least in my opinion! :D

Expect the first download out before the weekend!

I've also been working on other projects - a fantasy/gaming database and a 2020 update for FM 2008, but more news on them to follow in other threads. :)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi folks!

I've been working away on the update, literally thousands of players have each been individually addressed and received attribute, favourites, etc. updates.

I've been looking at upload sites and am hoping to have the first version of the update out by this weekend. Watch this space! 😁

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It's almost ready folks!  Just a couple of bugs that I'm trying to iron out, but over 10,0000 players' stats have been altered!  The only update that offers regular player stat reviews/updates, coming soon! :)

Until then, here's a sneak peak at some random players. :)











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Edited a few players since taking these screencaps! :)
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  • MorrisseyMuse changed the title to [FM20] MorrisseyMuse's Weekly Stat Updates

Hola folks!  I hope you're all enjoying the Easter weekend!  Here as promised, the first 'pre-alpha' version of my regular updates!

Please post any feedback!  The link and more info on this project is also in the first post of the thread.

Enjoy! :)

Link (11th April 2020):


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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm working on the next update, it'll be due soon! :) I hope everyone are enjoying this one and the more accurate stats and changes made in my opinion. :) Any and all feedback welcome of course.

More youth players will be added to the first official release of my update, alongside thousands more players and staff that I am currently updating stats for. As always, hope you enjoy! :)

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  • 1 month later...

Hola folks!

I hope you're all doing well and staying safe! :)  Apologises for the lack of update; I'm a key worker in the NHS, so have been working alot recently.

I'm working on the update currently, just in time to celebrate the resuming of the Premier League! :D  I'm hoping to get the first official release of the update out around the time of the first couple of fixtures ideally, so that I can start updating the English league in its first matches back.  I've also been watching Bundesliga, so expect a few players to be up/down graded there too! :)

I'm hoping to keep the updates regular (every week or two) upon release.  So, as always, I hope you enjoy! :)

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Hi folks!  I hope you're all well.  The update is finally on the verge of getting its first 'official' release after testing!  Thanks to everyone who has downloaded it so far and to those who have PM'd me feedback.

I've updated the opening comment with all the features to be expected in this update, with a strong emphasis as ever on individual player stats, as well as moving on to preparing for next season now with addition of more transfers, team editing and 20/21 kit inclusions.  Look out for the next release very  soon! :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Another quick update on the project so far!

Literally 100's of full 20/21 season kits have now been updated/added into the game for teams worldwide, alongside many new youth players updated and U16 players added, eg. Liverpool's new Polish goalie.

Next, I'm gonna focus on updating the promotions/relegations for next season, including team histories to reflect this. Then I aim to put all major transfers and loans for next year thus far into the update.

And finally the usual blend of updating player/staff/club details -  relationships, reputations, attributes, mental stats, etc. in what I'm hoping to be a pretty comprehensive update, with my own slant/opinion on the world of football as it has evolved on and off the pitch since the last official FM update was released.

I'm at over 10,000 changes so far I believe and there's many more to go! I hope to at least get some pics out soon. :)

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  • 1 month later...

Hi folks!  I hope you're doing well in these COVID times.

I've noticed a fair few updates for FM20 available on these forums and beyond now, pr0/FMTU's amazing update being one I've personally tried out and loved.

My update was always meant to focus on updating player/club attributes and details and while I have added 1000's of transfers into this, I don't think I can compete - as one man on his own part time - with 'the big boys' of updates, with their teams of combined efforts.  So, I've decided to focus on FM21 and updating the initial game and then again post-winter transfer window update on a weekly basis with basically everything but transfers. :)

Maybe I'll strike a deal with one of the updates once the transfer window is closed to 'update' the attributes/team info for their update, if they so wish? who knows! :)

But right now, I have 2 other side projects I'm working on:

1. A fantasy database set in the world of geek culture (games and comics mostly), where the likes of Sony and Nintendo will do battle on the pitch. :D

2. An  update for FM2008 based on my current work done for FM2020 and beyond..

To be honest, I now enjoy editing modern Football Manager games more than I do playing them.  The 'modern' Football Manager games are too bloated and complex for me; you're lucky to finish 4-5 games in the time it would take to complete a season back in CM 3! :)  I want something with a bit more depth than CM though and I feel that FM2008 was the last of the 'golden age' of the series; a perfect blend of complexity, depth and simple fun.

So look out for threads on those projects soon! :)

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  • 1 year later...
21 hours ago, JOK20 said:

Hi @MorrisseyMuse any news on your FM2008 update?  I'm new to this forum, playing FM2008 with no plans to change but would be interested in an update

Hola! welcome to the forums :)

Yeah, I'm actually still working on all 3 of these databases, for/with FM22 instead FM20 now of course 😁

My FM22 update is very close to release and then I'm going to focus my energy back on to my FM2008 update. More info coming soon! :)

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  • 4 months later...
On 18/01/2022 at 22:46, JOK20 said:

Look forward to your future progress with FM2008

Just a quick update that my attention is now more on to this FM2008 update once again as I near completition of my FM22 update.  Look for a thread in the appropriate forum soon! :)

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