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Over the years i have either downloaded tactics and tried to create tactics but either got bored or more likely frustrated.  I don't get lots of hours to play the game so have found a way of playing that works for me.  I don't expect instant success but do like to win more than I lose and occassionally overachieve!  Then as I buy or develop better players my results improve etc etc.

To do this I usually just adjust mentality, starting with cautious then as needed increase to attacking and coming back down again.  There are a few triggers ie Am I dominating possession, whos having the most shots etc but what I need is some guidance around a tactic.  So does anyone have suggestions around a tactic I can use, I'm thinking a 4-4-2 or 4-4-2 diamond but could do with some help on roles/duties


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11 minutes ago, boblardo said:

This is really the point; i dont have a specific idea or plan in mind.  I am looking for a solid starting formation with a few TI's and PI's.  I want to make as few as changes as possible

If you don't have a clear idea in mind look at your players, compare them to the rest of the league. What are they good at? Are you a top tier team in the league or an underdog?

From there on you can work out what kind of tactic is well suited for the team.

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