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[FM20] Help to create 4123/DNA club

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21 horas atrás, RDF Tactics disse:

From reading your opening post, this is something I quickly whipped up trying to replicate your player movement screenshot and the tactical styles you wanted to blend.

Out of possession, went for a high-ish press, nothing too intense but to get that gegenpress presence. Also helps with the in possession style you want to implement

In possession, went for a controlled build-up but also not too slow allowing the opponents to organise their defence. 
I have focus through the middle as it looks with player movements, that's where you want your team to mainly operate and break teams down

2 CBs instead of BPD, with a positive mentality, BPD's can be too aggressive with their passing but also CBs still must have the composure to keep the ball and play passes. Can add take more risks to CBs to increase their tendency to look for a more risky option

Wing Back (s) on the left get further forward and play through balls forward, hopefully inside to IW or AP as we have focus through the middle
CWB (s) will have more freedom to get further forward
Anchor Man will look to win the ball back and play the ball to the more creative players, again, hoping centrally as you have lots of arrows aiming in central areas and we focus centrally
AP, may not directly run in the direction as in screenshot but those are the areas he will operate in, and if deeper, on attack he'll dribble more so may can take the ball with him to that area
Box to Box, your engine you wanted, also helps links midfield and attack. But good for possession as he roams around, looking for pockets to collect the ball and be effective
IW on attack has the ability to operate in all 3 areas you want him too. Wide, in the channel or between the defence and midfield. 
IF on support will look to make lateral runs and be that second striker but also can feed your main goalscorer. I would use shoot less often player instruction

And DLF, main goal scorer but also can link up play like you wanted. Unlike a CF, he won't have the freedom to do what he wants, he still has a tactical job to do in linking play

This hasn't been tested, this is just me responding to your tweet haha hope this helps 


20 horas atrás, RDF Tactics disse:

I've only just realised how old this is! LOL But I was told to have a look and help. I did a test of the tactic I created in the comment above and this is the result from the first match.
Impressive stuff, specially the key passes. 

Maybe we can revive this post!! LOL 



20 horas atrás, RDF Tactics disse:

The striker becoming the 2nd striker when the DLF drops deep to link up play. Highlight started with us closing them down, forcing a long ball to an area well protected defensively. The anchor man is the one who wins it. The Wing Back playing a angled through ball like I spoke about, into the channel for the IW. 

Concern is the lack of bodies in the box.


Thanks for the input... Two things:

- what are your opinion about OI's?

- Change the AP to a MEZ? 

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