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Please add a Single Game "Coach Now" mode

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I've been playing Football Manager off and on for years now, and have tried to learn it. It is awesome the amount of depth in the game, but it can get overwhelming for someone like me at the amount of text in the game, and I've come to accept that the only way for soccer beginners and amateurs like me to learn the game is to use the staff responsibilities feature.

Every time I start a new save, I have to run through several friendlies before I even reach my first regular season game, and I just don't have the sheer knowledge and ability that other users have to learn from friendlies. I also want to be able to jump right into regular season matches, but I have to prepare my squad first through the first entry point of the game.

This is my main issue with the game. I understand this is not FIFA where you can set it to "easy" mode and dominate every game. I want to learn this game but I get tired of going through preseason friendlies before actually learning about my team in league games.

Please add a single game competitive coach now mode, like FIFA. We can pick any 2 squads, any formations and instructions that we want, and this mode would have all the stats and managerial options as we would in a career mode game. This would help me learn the game more than friendly matches so I can learn more about tactics and motivation, while also learning about players, best places to put them.

I am prepared for responses such as "You probably shouldn't be playing this game", or "there are websites that teach you how to play Football Manager ". I've been using these sites for years now, but I still don't understand it. I just want a quick way into playing a competitive match to learn about tactics, player attributes and roles, without the extra fluff of going through preseason. If this is something for Football Manager touch, fine. But I would really like this for the base game.

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btw. you can start the new save at the beginning of the league campaign, no need to start with pre-season. You can set the save starting date when you are selecting the nations/leagues.

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You guys were all helpful, thank you! I forgot about starting at regular season. I'd still like to see a single game coach now mode for the base game. In addition to learning tactics, it would be cool to manage a team versus a team you want to manage against for one single game to see how the matchup would play out, versus having to play a full career mode campaign just to get there.

@Lucas I already have FM Touch download. I am looking at the main menu screen, where is it at? Or did I confuse you about what I'd like to see?


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