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Please bring back facegen from FM 08 to 15 for FM20 or 21

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Please bring back facegen from FM 08 to 15 for FM20 or 21, because I recognize almost all players but in FM20 newgen  looks  they look like faces and I have hardly recognizing...

Check all pictures for all players from FM 12 and 13...     

Shane Gaynor.png

Solomon Cocan.png

Soren Franz.png

Stefan Srobar.png

Steven van Baarlen.png

Sulejman Sabic.png

Tiago Batista.png


Tim Thiriet.png


Tom van Delft.png

Tomas Pavlovic.png

Tomasz Pisczcek.png

Tommaso Cecchini.png

Tommaso Cuomo.png

Tony Norin 1.png


Tuomas Nykanen.png

Umberto Napolano.png


Valentino Bonura.png

Victor Brynjarsson.png

Victor Manuel Chaires 2022.png

Wijnand Artoumian.png

Wim Spruijt.png

Xander den Hartog.png

Yngve Fjeld.png

Emanuel Garcia.png

Dario Alegria.png

Davor Turk.png

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