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Welcome to Stardust. 

I have really struggled with Tactics this year, especially away from home. I am not a big fan of this years match engine. 

I wanted to create a tactic that could actually pick up results away from home and I wanted to create a tactic without an attacking mentality, I wanted the tactic to attack and defend the final third, I wanted to see my strikers one on one with the oppositions GK, and not see the oppositions strikers one on one with my GK! 

I think I have finally produced something worth sharing. I will let the screen shots talk for me. 

Let me know what you think. 


Away form.. Check



League Table, I could have wrapped the league up earlier, I was tweaking the tactic here and there in the beginning


Goals Scored


Goals Conceded, I'm proud of this, Clean sheets are hard to come by in FM


Clear cut chances..


The Formation! - That's what you're here for right


The all important link. Enjoy. Liam

Stardust .fmf


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17 hours ago, rmills2000 said:

It works.... it shouldn't, and I don't understand how or why.... but it works 

Cheers, it creates chance after chance doesn't it, are you using a sub top team? - as I dont know if it will be as successful with an underdog

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