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Board Set Points Target - but at end of season

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Hi All

I had the dreaded board meeting, at which I have been set a points target of 9 points in the next 5 games. However, this meeting was conducted after the final match of the season.

Will that target carry over to my new season?

Any help would be appreciated, as my fear is I am clinging on here and might end up loosing my job anyway?

Many thanks

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It does carry over yes. Although I really think it should be set, or at least have the chance to be adjusted, after the fixtures are released. A couple of away games against the top sides happening to be in that set of five can lead to you only having a very slim chance to keep your job.

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Funnily enough, this is with managing as Spurs, so hoping I can win what I need to.

Gutting as on the last game of the season, I still had a chance of finishing Top 4, but ended up 6th.

Won the Caraboa cup though

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