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Remove brexit without changing promotion/relegation

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Hey guys!


is it possible to disable Brexit without changing the promotions/relegation LLM England? (Because off the license problem Bury) So in League 2 one club wil relegate and 4 will promote instead of 3, in L1 three clubs relegate instead off 4 ..

when I remove the Brexit in the editor myself the promotion/relegations are changed to default as it used to be beforethe Bury problem.. so the League 1 will always have 23 teams in stead of 24...


Hope someone can help me with this! :)



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I found this, searching forum on why I have 23 teams in League One for 2020/21 season... Now I'v see why. I also did some edtior changes (for TV fixtures rules) and so... This is why FL for me now always will be with 91 clubs? Because of a bug with editor?


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